Drawing on our experience of over 26 years,
Carson Valley Tree Care,
Excels in providing premium tree care for all of our Residential And commercial customers.

  • Nevada Fire Safe Council Approved for     Defensible Space Tree Work
  • 24 Hour Emergency Work
  • Free Estimates
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Senior Discounts

  • An article written by Peter Gerstenberger, senior advisor for safety, compliance, and standards for TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) describes the dangers associated with the tree care industry and what the procedures and programs have done to improve safety. "Despite many commendable efforts and individual successes with safety up to this point", writes Peter, "accidents continue to increase in tree care."
    We, at Carson Valley Tree Care, believe that experience plays a very important role when dealing in this high-risk business. This is why our Arborist, Walt Hawkins, does all of the climbing and pruning himself, drawing on his 26 years experience of dedicated safety procedures and knowledge of climbing. He allows only our Foreman, Chris Wilson, with similar knowledge and experience, to assist him with the pruning, removals, and climbing.
    "The solution to improving safety in tree care and saving lives depends on changing the very culture that exists within our industry." An Organization's culture is a combination of the behaviors, beliefs, attitudes, and other shared characteristics of its people." At Carson Valley Tree Care, we provide only the best for you and your trees.